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Whangarei, Northland Newborn & Baby Photographer

Leigh Prisk is a professional portrait photographer based in Whangarei Northland, photographing newborn babies, maternity, children and families. 

Capturing beautiful timeless portraits of your family for generations to enjoy!

Colour inspiration...

Northland Baby Portrait Photographer

Often clients are not too sure what colour palette to choose for their photography session - whether it's newborn, baby or little cherub. So here are some of my wraps, knits, fluff, fur, outfits, teddies, headbands, bracelets, nappy covers and curls by colour..... just to gibe you some inspiration...

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Back to photographingBaby Boys

Northland Newborn Photographers

I have been busy photographing local schools and kindergartens lately (and all the editing!). So it was fabulous to get back into the studio today for this baby boy's newborn photoshoot. He was gorgeous, calm and AWAKE :-) Luckily Mum kept feeding him until he finally zoned out.... he's just as handsome as his two older brothers were for their newborn sessions! 

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Happy Easter

Northland Newborn Photographer

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter....

Beautiful Baby Girls

Whangarei, Northland Baby Portrait Photographers

Gorgeous Baby Boys

Whangarei, Northland Newborn Portrait Photographer

Colour or B&W?

Whangarei, Northland Newborn Baby Portrait Photographers

Usually I am a colour girl, but I often love these little macro details shots in black & white. What do you think? 

And a new life starts.....

Whangarei Newborn Photographer

And here he is.....

He took a bit of convincing to go to sleep, but once he finally gave in he was a little super-star! Two weeks old today for his Newborn Wrapped photoshoot. Isn't he just gorgeous?!

And the journey begins....

Northland maternity Portrait Photographer

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this lovely couple this morning, and capturing the start of their family journey. It was such a good feel in the studio.... the excitement and anticipation of what's to come. These two were so easy to work with and photograph, very much naturals in front of a camera!

Not long to wait until I get to meet their little treasure for their Newborn Session. I can't wait!

Sisters by birth, friends for life

Northland Family Portrait Photographer

At 8 weeks old this baby girl is a much older soul. She smiles huge big grins at her Mum, and follows her sister around the room with her eyes.

Both these girls were so easy to work with and photograph. What a great way to spend an afternoon! 

Family is everything!

Northland Newborn Photographer

This is the third time I have photographed a newborn for this family, and they are always so calm when trying to wrangle the kiddies into shots for me (it's great having the grandparents involved to help out too). A lot of work and a full team effort goes into the sibling and family photos..... but it's always totally worth it! These kids were fabulous for their age, and it was particularly hot today too, even with the windows and doors open.

This gorgeous baby boy is 4 weeks old tomorrow. He was well aware of me fiddling with his fingers and moving around him, but with a little patience we had him sound asleep for his Newborn Art Photoshoot.

Welcome  2021!

Whangarei Baby Photographer

And we're back!  This gorgeous baby boy is my first client for this year. He arrived a bit later than expected last year, so we simply ran out of time before Christmas to schedule his photoshoot. He's almost one month old for his newborn photoshoot.... and he was amazing! 

Mum decided on a newborn lifestyle session this time. We split the shoot so Dad could could join in when he'd finished work. Little sister is still as charming as ever (she really rocked her newborn session!).... she almost stole the show from her baby brother :-).

My last baby for 2020!

Northland Baby Photographers

I can't believe that five babies booked in for December have all been really overdue! So it looks like January is going to be extra busy.....

We managed to sneak in this little lady's newborn photoshoot yesterday morningbefore I close for Christmas. And she was an absolute gem! This family came back from Australia to have their first daughter in NZ, and I was privileged to be asked to photograph her. And now they've arrived back again for baby number 2, this time permanently. 

safe in my sister's arms

Whangarei Newborn Portrait Photographer

Born 3 weeks early and very small, this baby girl had a bit of growing to do before she could head out to get her newborn photos taken. So she ended up almost 7 weeks old before we were able to schedule her newborn photoshoot. And oh wow; she was superb! Talk about a sleepy little angel :-)

It has been almost 4.5 years since I took her big sister's newborn photos.... and this time she was full of questions and so gentle with her baby sister. 

asleep at last!

Northland Newborn Photographer

I am slowly catching up on all my editing.... so many babies & so little time.

Please remember to book your newborn photoshoot BEFORE baby arrives. Some months I am fully booked. I try to fit in last minute requests, but unfortunately this isn't always possible.

This little guy just wasn't interested in going to sleep.... but I can be very persuasive (and patient!) 


Whangarei Newborn Baby Photographers

I am loving this baby boy's black & white images, just the simplicity of it....

Wide awake and happy!

Whangarei Newborn Photographer

It doesn't feel that long ago since I photographed this little baby as a bump in her Mum's tummy.

This baby girl definitely takes the cake for being so wide awake and happy. She spent a large part of her photoshoot just chilling and watching me, letting me move her around and pose her without a peep! But finally, finally she fell asleep with a tummy full of milk (to overflowing!) and being rocked. And once asleep she slept so well, letting me pose and fiddle with her fingers to get her baby portraits just right! 

"NO!" to sleep

Northland Newborn Photographer

Some babies are a lot more aware of what's going on around them, and this baby boy was one of them. Unlike his big brother who slept during his newborn photoshoot, Mr O stayed awake for the majority of his session. Luckily for me he is a pretty chilled out baby, and happily watched me work.... and allowed his big brother to hold, kiss and cuddle him.

At the end we did get him to sleep and capture a few different poses, just as long as I didn't try to adjust him too much! 

I adore big squishy bubbas

Northland Baby Portrait Photographer

Todays newborn photoshoot was one of my fastest ever... we managed to be done & dusted in just over 2 hours! Compared to his older brother - Dad reminded me that he took closer to 4 hours! :-)

I love photographing bigger babies; they are just so snuggly, settled and cuddly. And this beautiful boy did not disappoint! He let me do just about anything, nothing bothered him.... not even all the snuggles, pats and kisses from his big bro. I can see these two as being great mates! 

Maternity Glow

Whangarei, Northland Pregnancy Photography

I have lost count the number of pregnant women who have told me that they don't photograph well, or aren't keen to be photographed pregnant. But what they forget is that they simply GLOW! There is definitely something very magical about a woman who is pregnant....

For the love of teddies....

Northland Children's Portrait Photography

Little Miss 21 months managed to hunt out all my teddy bears in the studio this morning (and I have quite a collection!) and snuggle them up with her 7 week old baby brother. She was just too cute for words! I love it when clients bring along heirloom shawls to incorporate into a session..... 

boy oh boy

Whangarei Portrait Photographer

I have just finished editing this family's newborn photoshoot, and I can't help smiling. These boys were the cutest! How many different expressions can two boys have.... from slysmiles to goofy grins and 'cheeses' - even their baby sister smiled! 

A sister!

Northland Newborn Photographer

The first thing Mr 4 years told me when he arrived was that they had come to get their photos taken, AND they had a new person in their family..... A baby sister! Needless to say these two boys were all over their little baby.

I have photographed both these boys as newborns, and I love to see them grow up and come back with their newest sibling. Mr 7 years was my first newborn to sleep through his entire photoshoot! And his sister was super chilled too.....

Sleep.... glorious sleep!

Whangarei Baby Photographer

It seems like forever since I photographed this baby girl in her mummy's tummy. But finally, at just 10 days new, I got to meet her. She was the sweetest little lady, just don't mess with her fingers! Oh, and she's a little sensitive with her feet too! So many poses, and she told me what was what - just leave my fingers alone! 

I love it when clients make their photoshoot their own - photo on left clients supplied baby's wrap, photo on right was a pose requested by clients. What a stunning little family, I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Enjoy!

the wait is over!

Northland Maternity & Newborn Photographer

It seems to have been such a long time ago since I photographed this gorgeous Mumma's maternity session. And this morning they were back to show off their little treasure.... and show off he did! He was a super-star for his Lifestyle Newborn photoshoot, sleeping and posing away like a pro! - we just won't mention his lack of sleeping last night :-)

winter beach maternity

Whangarei Pregnancy Photographer

It takes a brave couple to choose to have their maternity session photographed at the beach in the middle of winter, but so worth it! This beach was a special place to them, and luckily we struck a beautiful afternoon.... apart from the wind (but I guess you can't have everything!)

To brighten up a gloomy day

Northland Baby Portrait Photographer

I was so excited when this family wanted some colour in their baby girl's session this morning.... so we went for purple/ grey/ cream/ light mint. At 14 days old today this gorgeous wee girl was such a sweet little baby..... and she gave me a huge smile too - check out her little dimple!

Surrounded by love

Whangarei Newborn Baby Photographer

This baby boy isn't yet old enough to realise just how lucky her is! With two older brothers to show him the ropes... or lead him astray.... he is one very lucky little boy!

Mr Happy!

Northland Newborn Photographers

3 weeks old with beautiful big wide-awake eyes - at the moment they look a very dark blue, but they may change to hazel like his parents. This baby boy was adorably cute and very happy being wrapped up and looking around. Eventually he decided to let go and slipped away to sleep-land, but not before giving me a big, long, lovely smile! 

one of a kind!

Whangarei Baby Portrait Photographer

One month old today, this baby boy came to the studio for a Wrapped Newborn baby-only session. He is definitely one-of-a-kind...... he can grizzle/cry & suck on his pacifier all at the same time while I'm wrapping him! So it sounds like he's talking, he was so precious! Once wrapped up he was a happy little boy....

Happy Baby Boy

Northland Baby Photographer

It was a bit dark and gloomy this morning, but photographing this gorgeous snuggly boy made my day. Born a little early, he was just a bit over 3 weeks old for his newborn photoshoot. He loved being tucked up with his elbows snuggled down by his sides.... ie about the only time he wasn't impressed with me was whenever I tried to bring his elbows up! 

simply adored!

Whangarei Newborn Lifestyle Photographers

What a great way to spend a horrible cold winters day.... photographing this lovely family in a warm cosy studio. Big sister adored her baby brother, but she was pretty wary of him spilling his feed on her. Luckily he was a little gentleman during his sibling and family photos. 

Not long now....

Northland Maternity Photographers

It's been a little while since I've photographed a maternity session. And this Mum-to-be rocked her photoshoot! Not long now until I get to meet her little angel for a Newborn Lifestyle session.

Mr Handsome

Whangarei Baby Portrait Photographer

Today's baby photoshoot was with this handsome and charming 2.5 month old. With big brown eyes, super long lashes and all that hair..... this little guy was so gorgeous! He came in for a Newborn Wrapped session initially giving me smiles, but he soon told me that he wasn't too happy with having his hands wrapped up :-) 

To friendship.....

Blockhouse Bay, Auckland - family portraits

How much I love this family simply cannot be put into words.....

Carin & I have been great friends since High School, being each other's bridesmaids, cuddling and rocking each other's babies to sleep, holidaying and camping out at each other's homes, watching our children grow and thrive. It has been a true blessing!

Yesterday Auckland's weather co-operated - it didn't rain, but it was a bit cold just before sunset. These girls were fabulous with all my instructions and a fairly speedy photoshoot. Such a stunning family!

Please Sleep....

Northland Baby Photographer

Today's baby boy was a bit of a tough customer. Just 3 weeks old, today seemed to be the start of his growth spurt. All he wanted to do was snuggle his Mum and feed :-) But after a marathon feeding his Mum finally got him to sleep... and after a few shots he woke up again :-(  Luckily with a bit more patience we had him back to sleep again.

The problem with babies who feed a lot during their photoshoot..... what goes in, must come out - and that happened to coincide with the family photos (and I'd taken his nappy off!) Luckily for him & me; his parents are great sports!

Sweet Little Soul

Whangarei Newborn Photographer

I spent this chilly morning in a warm studio snuggling, rocking and shushing this gorgeous baby girl. She has the most amazing little lips! She was so quiet and calm, and tried to tell me that she should be awake to see what I was doing. Luckily a little rocking and she was sound asleep for her Newborn Wrapped Photoshoot.

loves mummy snuggles

Northland baby portraits

This gorgeous baby girl loves to be held and snuggled, particularly by her Mum. She made Mum & I  work hard today. Transferring her from her Mum's arms and then keeping her asleep was a real work of art and teamwork! But we got there in the end :-) 

And yet whenever she was held by her big sister she was happy and still - I think her and her sister and going to be best buddies!

Wrapped Baby Portrait

Whangarei Portrait Photographers

At almost 2 months old, this morning's baby girl was gorgeous to photograph. She gave me a few small smiles as I was wrapping her. Then posed for a few setups before finally drifting off to sleep.

A wrapped photoshoot is perfect for older babies as they feel snug and secure. And as this little lady did, often they will then slowly drift off to their dreams.....

Double Delight!

Northland Baby Portrait Photographer

This morning I got to cuddle these two gorgeous wee twin boys. They came in for my Wrapped Newborn session. They were so easy to wrap and settle. Then their big brother arrived for his sibling and family photo - oh wow!..... these three boys must be the easiest and happiest children EVER! Their big brother adored his babies, they blew me away today! I'm still smiling.....

catching up

Whangarei Baby Portrait Photographer

I'm playing catch-up for all my newborn babies born during our Covid-19 lockdown, so quite a few are a bit older than I would normally have photographed them. But that's not to say we don't get stunning images of these gorgeous wee kiddies.

This little guy is almost 5 weeks old. He loved his Mummy snuggles, and thought me wearing a mask was a little weird (but the looks he was giving me, haha). Initially he was having nothing to do with falling asleep, until Dad stepped in (Dad is definitely a pro at 'shushing' & patting!)

The hand sanitiser shot at the bottom was by special request! Loveit!

Wide awake!

Northland Newborn Photographer

First day of Lockdown Level 2 and my first newborn - luckily this little guy was only 3 weeks old and he didn't have to wait too long for his newborn photoshoot. And he didn't want to miss a thing! He was so wide awake for almost the entire session - we finally got him to sleep at the end, so his family will have a huge variety in their images. His expressions were limitless!!!

Two years ago I photographed Little Miss, this year she didn't want anything to do with me! A little bribery with stickers & chocolate and she sat with her baby brother, but there was absolutely no way she was joining in on the family photo. Her two older brothers were incredibly patient & calm, both with me and their sister.

I really appreciate the trust my clients have in me to keep them, their babies and their families safe. Thank you for all the bookings, I'm going to be pretty busy over the next few weeks. Enjoy this little guy

Studio Re-opening Thursday 14th May

Yes! We are opening and photographing your beautiful wee babes again. I can't wait!

print your photos!

Maungatapere, Whangarei Photographers

Why do I provide you with prints as well as the digital files?

Because I want to provide you with a beautiful product as well as a fabulous experience. I want you to open up a package where you can instantly see, hold and touch your images. I've lost count of the number of returning clients who tell me they haven't quite gotten around to printing their images from baby number 1!

Life doesn't get any slower (I know this from experience), and I also know that children LOVE to see photos of themselves on your walls. You can print your own from the USB or ask me to print them for you.

New Zealand Lockdown, Newborn Photography

Whangarei, Northland Photographer

Planning on a newborn photoshoot but your plans have all gone awry? Don't worry, I happily photograph babies of any age. With older babies we do get more awake shots, but with a little patience and skill we can also capture older babies just like a newborn.

Check out this gorgeous 9 week old girl...

Patiently waiting.... Maternity newborn combo

Northland maternity photographer

I love capturing milestones for couples, and a maternity photoshoot is such an important one! It is the very start of your family, the start of your child's story......

So Peaceful - newborn wrapped session

Northland Baby Photographer

This sweet little baby arrived wide awake, happy and peaceful. She didn't want to miss out on anything! Eventually we managed to persuade her to go to sleep.....

Love these rolls...

Whangarei Baby Photographers

At 4 months old this gorgeous baby boy was a little reserved with his smiles, but when he finally found the funny side of Dad he completely lit up the room with these stunners!

Newborn Wrapped Session

Whangarei Portrait Photographer

I had a beautiful photography session this morning with this little girl and her big 7 year old sister. Big sister was a fantastic model, holding her baby so carefully, and then helping me style her little sister's photoshoot (she chose this headband with the little rosebud and hearts). I could really do with hiring her!

Bubbles, bubble and more bubbles

Northland Children's Portrait Photographer

Better late than never.... my two gorgeous nieces having a fun photoshoot chasing bubbles. So much better than standing still! Children need to have fun and keep moving for them (and therefore their parents) to enjoy their photoshoot. I love capturing children's personalities and their natural essence.

Cute as a button!

Whangarei Baby Portrait Photographers

Today's baby boy arrived wide awake for his newborn portrait photoshoot. His Mum said he was often awake and happy during the day, and a good little sleeper at night. Ideal for a new baby, but not quite so ideal for his baby photography session! Luckily it didn't take much more than a feed, a burp and being snuggled up.... and he slept and posed like a star!

Just Delicious

Northland Newborn Photographer

This baby boy is blessed to have 3 older siblings to dote on him.... and not to mention his Mum & Dad! He is surrounded by so much love. He is such a snuggly baby, it was really hard to put him down so I could take his photos :-) There really is only one word to describe him - Delicious!

I can totally understand why his siblings and parents alike kept wanting to touch, hold and kiss him....

Little Chatterbox!

Whangarei Baby Portraits

At 3 months old this gorgeous boy was so charming! He was wide awake, happy.... and really sociable. He was a bit reluctant with his smiles for the camera, but he would grin away as soon I put the camera down.

I have never had such a young baby chat away and answer you, he held his own having a good long conversation with his Dad! It was hard letting his parents take him home....

Maternity Beach Session

Northland Maternity Photographers

My beach photoshoots are becoming very popular, and for good reason..... Whangarei has so many beautiful locations, and I love how easy and fun these sessions are.

This couple were so easy to work with and they posed so naturally, I loved this shoot !

Maternity Sunset Photoshoot

Whangarei Maternity Photographer

With Northlands rapidly changing weather, we only had to reschedule once due to thunderstorms. But last night was stunning for a maternity photoshoot at sunset. A little chilly with the wind, but this family was so lovely to work with. I can't wait to meet this little boy for his newborn photoshoot!

Merry Christmas

Whangarei Newborn Photography

And here is my last newborn photoshoot for the year.....

This beautiful baby girl started her session so well, and then decided it was awake time. Every time her Mum got her milk drunk, I'd take her again.... and she'd wake up - the 'look' she gave me as if saying "you're not my Mum!", priceless!

But eventually we got there, and then she slept soundly....

Charming Little Lady

Northland Baby Portrait Photographer

She was all smiles for her Mum and Dad today! At 6 weeks old this baby girl was a little old for a newborn photoshoot.... but she proved me wrong! She was happy to pose with her big brother, and he was all questions about what I was doing to his baby!

We got a whole lot of awake photos, then after the family shots she went to sleep.                                Isn't she stunning?!

Mr wriggly!

Whangarei Newborn Photographers

At 6 days old this gorgeous baby boy decided to put me to the test! Normally a very sleepy baby during the day, today he decided to wriggle - he'd let me get one shot, then decided to wriggle again. Luckily he wasn't unhappy so I managed to get some lovely awake photos..... but finally after a big feed he gave in to the sleep fairies!


Sunset Family Beach Portraits

Whangarei Family Portrait Photographer

Now that summer is heating up quickly, what a great way to update your family portraits....

Mini Family Portrait Photoshoot

Northland Portrait Photographers

Each year I donate a family photography session to Whangarei Parents Centre for their annual fundraiser, and this year it was won by this lovely family. They decided to have their family photos taken outside at my place... it didn't rain, but we had to wait between the wind gusts. Oh well, at least it wasn't stifling hot!

This was a quick fun photoshoot between shooting the monsters in the treeswith sticks....

Oh My....

Whangarei Portrait Photographer

This afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this 5 month old baby boy and his parents in my studio. He was divine! Not a peep from him... but oh those smiles!!!

Two Little (big)cuties - Northland Baby Photography

This morning I finally managed to photograph this beautiful boy and his very charming brother.... we've had to postpone his newborn lifestyle photoshoot a few times due to illnesses, work commitments and then me being on holiday - but we got there in the end!

At 5 weeks old he has been growing fast! I adore baby yawns and big brother cuddles....

And one more makes two - Northland Photographers

I love catching up with clients again with the next addition to their family.... and seeing their previous newborn all grown up! They never ever look even close to what they did when I had photographed them.

Two very sweet boys in the studio this morning....

northland baby portraits

It's all in the details....

simplicity at it's best! - Whangarei Photographers

I usually love colour, however every now and again I am drawn to an image in black and white - I love the simplicity of black and white...

Sisters! - whangarei Baby Photographer

You simply could not wipe the smile of this big sister's face! She has waited patiently for five years to be a big sister, and she can't be happier (and neither can her parents!)

I first me this family five years ago when I photographed big sister's newborn portraits, and I have photographed big sister the last three years at Kindergarten. She has been the sweetest little lady, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her this morninglove her new baby.

Beautiful Beach Shoots - Northland Portrait Photographer

Finally the Northland weather is starting to settle! And with daylight saving started, beach photoshoots and a fabulous option for location portraits.... whether it's family or maternity shoots, it's the perfect place!

A couple of days ago my daughter & I headed to a stunning Whangarei beach for a breather.... and it didn't disappoint!

dream baby - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing a lovely couple and their gorgeous wee girl. I couldn't have asked for an easier newborn baby to photograph, she just slept through her entire photoshoot. Such a sweet little angel!

Safe in Daddy's Arms - Northland Portrait Photographer

Just finished editing this little boy's newborn gallery and had to share this gorgeous shot. I am usually a colour gal, but I'm loving this one in B&W!

Snuggled Baby - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

At ten days new this gorgeous baby boy liked nothing better than to be tucked up and snuggling his parents. He loved being wrapped, and when unwrapped he stilled kept his hands tucked up tight. 

I love it when families bring in heirloom shawls to include in their newborn portraits....

Sweet Baby Boy - Northland Portrait Photographer

This morning I had the privilege of photographing this tiny little man. His parents opted for a Newborn Lifestyle session, which is a beautifully relaxed baby-led photoshoot. I love capturing the grimaces, yawns and stretches that newborns do. And this baby boy was so perfect!

Contented - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

I've just got home from a fabulous couple of days with my littlest great nephew (and his parents, of course). I know I am pretty biased, but he has been the easiest and calmest baby I have ever had the pleasure in photographing - and I have photographed A LOT of happy relaxed newborn babies. This wee guy just slept, stretched.... and then kept on sleeping. He (and his parents) let me do whatever I wanted, so I got to experiment with a few ideas that I've been wanting to try out....

B&W - Northland Family Portrait Photographer

I have just sent this gallery off to these boy's Mum. I am usually a colour girl, but I'm loving the B&W versions of these two gorgeous boys....

Slumber Time - Northland Portrait Photographer

Just finished editing this little beauty's newborn photos and had to share one more!

Happy Birthday! - Northland Family Photographer

This little boy turned one year old today, so to celebrate he came to the studio for a photoshoot... along with his big brother, Mum and Grandmother. He was a lot more serious than his brother when he had his 1st birthday photoshoot. So different in personalities as well as hair/ eye colour.

Family Photoshoot Special - Whangarei Portrait Photographer

Back by popular demand - I am teaming up with Whangarei Parents' Centre again to offer this special deal for family and/ or children's portrait photoshoots. Last year we sold out, and this year we have already booked half the sessions. If you're interested don't wait!

Little Miss Wide Awake - Northland Baby Photographer

At 27 days old this gorgeous little girl does not like to sleep much during the day. Luckily for her parents she sleeps well at night! She was so perfect through her newborn photoshoot, even though she was awake she would happily lie on the beanbag and pose, and wriggle, and pose again.... being a little older meant she had great eye contact with me :-) She was such a sweetheart! 

Sweet Baby Boy - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

At 17 days old this little charmer was a dream baby to photograph this morning.... until I wanted to bring his elbows up :-) He had some definite ideas on that! Apart from this one disagreement on positioning he was so relaxed and contented.... and really snuggly!

Prince Charming - Whangarei Portrait Photographer

This 9 month old baby boy was a real little charmer and full of grins this morning. He has so many different expressions, I have had a hard time trying to choose what shots to show. Enjoy his cuteness!

finished! - northland baby photographer

Just finished editing this little guy's Newborn Art Photoshoot. He is a littler stunner!

Leave my Hands alone! - Northland Newborn Photographer

What a perfect way to spend a cold winter's morning, tucked up photographing a newborn baby boy in my warm studio.

This 12 day old boy was a little charmer. He wriggled & moved whenever I touched his fingers or toes, even when he was sound asleep! Nope, he didn't want his fingers straightened, he preferred them in a tight fist :-)

Sibling kisses - Whangarei Baby Photographer

This little 12 day old baby girl is adored by her 6 year old sister - who I also photographed as a newborn :-) She received so many kisses, and her big sister was very interested in how I was photographing her sister - so much so that she helped take a couple of her photos.

Family Together again - whangarei portrait photographer

Family is precious, and it becomes most obvious once the 'children' grow up and move far away. It is so important to capture the times when they are all together again, particularly for the younger generation. I was thrilled to photograph this baby girl again and this time to meet the special people in her life.

At the end of the day is the best light, but it is tough to get smiles out of a tired little lady.... I'm saving a couple of great grins for this family's gallery ;-)


Sleep Fairy wins, finally! - Northland Baby Photographer

This morning this baby fought the sleep fairy all the way, he was so wide awake for so long and yet still happy too! At just 11 days old he was very aware of not missing out on the fun.

His big 2 year old sister adores him, but was wary of me.... and not at all impressed when we wanted her to lie down to hold her baby. So with the help of stickers she happily cuddled her brother long enough for some gorgeous shots.

Such a cutie! - whangarei newborn photographer

Some babies are a long time coming, but oh boy are they worth the wait! This little cutie is 13 days old, and she really rocked her newborn photoshoot this morning. 

We started with a 'Lifestyle Shoot'... just baby, natural and unposed... stretching and yawning as she does... we photographed it all. Then a few shots cuddled up with Mum and Dad. Next I wrapped her up for a few shots in props since she was being so calm and happy..... and she fell asleep :-) So we went on and did a few posed setups on the beanbag.... and still she slept! At the end I rolled her over, dressed her... and she was still asleep. Bliss!

Sibling kisses - northland baby photographer

.... are the best!

This little guy is 3 weeks old, but he arrived a little early so isn't yet at his due date. Initially he was wide awake, but with wrapping and shushing he couldn't hold out! He slept perfectly for his newborn photoshoot.

yay for girls! - whangarei newborn photographer

It has been a looong time since I've had a baby girl in the studio, for some reason there has been a big influx of boys! This little lady rocked her newborn photoshoot - she was so quiet and relaxed, so I got to play :-)

just like his dad - northland baby photographer

This little guy was 16 days old when I photographed him yesterday and he was gorgeous! A real little charmer, he was contented and chilled out. His big brother and sister were amazing to photograph, and loved giving him kisses...

capturing family connections - whangarei photographer

I am enjoying more and more photographing families and capturing the heart of who they truly are... talking, playing and interacting with their children. Of course I capture the traditional more posed shots, but I love these quiet times when families just 'do their thing'.

Quite a character - Northland baby photographer

This gorgeous wee boy really owned his photoshoot with his sense of humour.... I think he is going to be quite a character (just like his big brother!)

Sibling love - whangarei newborn photographer

It always makes me smile when siblings are so 'into' their newest member of the family. You never know how they are going to react to their newborn baby, especially when you put them in such an unusual situation as a newborn photoshoot. But these two could barely contain themselves, they were itching to cuddle their baby and be photographed with him.

It was such a pleasure meeting them again and photographing them with their new brother.

Loves to be Wrapped - Northland Baby Photographer

Yesterday I drove to Mangonui, in the Far North, to photograph this little guy at home. I have been photographing this lovely family since this couple's wedding, and then each newborn session as this family of two has grown. It is such a beautiful drive heading north, each time I declare I will go more often.... but then life always seems to get in the way.

At just 6 days new this little guy loved to be swaddled and cuddled. He never cried or grizzled throughout his newborn photoshoot, but try to have him unwrapped and he just wriggled :-) I managed to sneak in a few unwrapped shots, but I had to be quick!

This was an image that Mum specifically requested, and I LOVE IT!

fairies and flowers - whangarei portrait photographer

She thought she was playing with a flower, I was playing with light.

These girls chose their fairy outfit, chose their flower, and chose the chair..... children have such great ideas, you just have to roll with it (and sometimes you just have to agree that turtle should be in the photo too!).

Playing with light - whangarei children's portraits

My niece, 6 years old, and LOVES to be photographed.... especially if it involves flowers! She was the perfect model for me to play with light. And she had so many of her own ideas... "photograph me gardening!" In the studio? She had to show me.... she wanted to be photographed with my big tub of flowers... perfect!

One Stunning mumma - Northland family photographer

Each year we have the pleasure of this gorgeous lady and her two bundles of fun staying with us to avoid the snow and ice at their home. And each year I've managed to entice them into letting me photograph them however I wanted.........

It's important for your children for you to be photographed with them - these are the images they will treasure, not the hundreds of themselves that you took. They want to see you!


We organised this photoshoot quickly as Mum is about to start a pretty tough journey.

At 5 months old their gorgeous baby boy rocked his photoshoot.... loads of smiles before we started and a great distraction for us all. It was a very hot evening with only a slight breeze, and yet he did not make a sound... a really placid little man.

Composites - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

I take newborn safety very seriously, it is my number one priority when handling and photographing your precious little baby. It is so easy for a baby to be injured when using props, or simply being placed in an unnatural position which puts strain on their delicate ligaments - this is where my midwifery training and experience in neonatal intensive care comes in handy! Often I have parent's hands holding baby and then remove their hands later in photoshop. 

Composites are a great tool where you can safely pose baby on the beanbag, and then later place their image onto a prop - very handy if parents have requested a specific prop but baby is too squirmy to safely have them in the prop. This is also great for when toddlers are being too unpredictable to sit beside the newborn - so baby is photographed in the bucket and then removed, then their sibling is photographed sitting beside the empty bucket. Perfect and SAFE!

Northland Baby Photographer

Just finished editing this little newborn's photos and I'm loving her black & white images....

Family - Northland Portrait Photographer

Just finished editing this baby girl's Newborn Photoshoot - I love how she reached out to Dad for this shot, a spontaneous little move by this angel.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep! - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

Or it should be "stay asleep, baby, stay asleep"....

This gorgeous little girl was 3 weeks old for her newborn photoshoot today as she arrived as an early Christmas present for her parents. Getting her to sleep was not too difficult, but she was very aware of leaving her mum's warm arms. And she was extra sensitive whenever I tried moving her hands....  just as I finished her session she went into a deep sleep, so I took a few extra shots.

A Good Day For Feeding - Northland Baby Photographer

Today was my 1st photoshoot for 2019, and the first day it has rained since Christmas Day.... it bucketed down! Luckily we were all tucked up nicely in a warm studio.

Mum and Dad would have happily curled up and slept through their little lady's session, but unfortunately little Miss A decided today was a cluster feeding day... she made us work hard to get her sound asleep, but once she was simply gorgeous.

The Great Escape - Northland Family Photographer

These two girls were just itching to get away and roam the paddock by themselves... and little Miss One was more than complying when her big sister took her by the hand and they toddled off (anywhere but toward the camera!) Luckily a few bribes helped :-)

Finished! Maungatapere Newborn Photographer

I have just finished editing this sweet baby girl's newborn gallery and couldn't resist sharing one more image...


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