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Loves to be Wrapped - Northland Baby Photographer

Yesterday I drove to Mangonui, in the Far North, to photograph this little guy at home. I have been photographing this lovely family since this couple's wedding, and then each newborn session as this family of two has grown. It is such a beautiful drive heading north, each time I declare I will go more often.... but then life always seems to get in the way.

At just 6 days new this little guy loved to be swaddled and cuddled. He never cried or grizzled throughout his newborn photoshoot, but try to have him unwrapped and he just wriggled :-) I managed to sneak in a few unwrapped shots, but I had to be quick!

This was an image that Mum specifically requested, and I LOVE IT!

fairies and flowers - whangarei portrait photographer

She thought she was playing with a flower, I was playing with light.

These girls chose their fairy outfit, chose their flower, and chose the chair..... children have such great ideas, you just have to roll with it (and sometimes you just have to agree that turtle should be in the photo too!).

Playing with light - whangarei children's portraits

My niece, 6 years old, and LOVES to be photographed.... especially if it involves flowers! She was the perfect model for me to play with light. And she had so many of her own ideas... "photograph me gardening!" In the studio? She had to show me.... she wanted to be photographed with my big tub of flowers... perfect!

One Stunning mumma - Northland family photographer

Each year we have the pleasure of this gorgeous lady and her two bundles of fun staying with us to avoid the snow and ice at their home. And each year I've managed to entice them into letting me photograph them however I wanted.........

It's important for your children for you to be photographed with them - these are the images they will treasure, not the hundreds of themselves that you took. They want to see you!


We organised this photoshoot quickly as Mum is about to start a pretty tough journey.

At 5 months old their gorgeous baby boy rocked his photoshoot.... loads of smiles before we started and a great distraction for us all. It was a very hot evening with only a slight breeze, and yet he did not make a sound... a really placid little man.

Composites - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

I take newborn safety very seriously, it is my number one priority when handling and photographing your precious little baby. It is so easy for a baby to be injured when using props, or simply being placed in an unnatural position which puts strain on their delicate ligaments - this is where my midwifery training and experience in neonatal intensive care comes in handy! Often I have parent's hands holding baby and then remove their hands later in photoshop. 

Composites are a great tool where you can safely pose baby on the beanbag, and then later place their image onto a prop - very handy if parents have requested a specific prop but baby is too squirmy to safely have them in the prop. This is also great for when toddlers are being too unpredictable to sit beside the newborn - so baby is photographed in the bucket and then removed, then their sibling is photographed sitting beside the empty bucket. Perfect and SAFE!

Northland Baby Photographer

Just finished editing this little newborn's photos and I'm loving her black & white images....

Family - Northland Portrait Photographer

Just finished editing this baby girl's Newborn Photoshoot - I love how she reached out to Dad for this shot, a spontaneous little move by this angel.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep! - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

Or it should be "stay asleep, baby, stay asleep"....

This gorgeous little girl was 3 weeks old for her newborn photoshoot today as she arrived as an early Christmas present for her parents. Getting her to sleep was not too difficult, but she was very aware of leaving her mum's warm arms. And she was extra sensitive whenever I tried moving her hands....  just as I finished her session she went into a deep sleep, so I took a few extra shots.

A Good Day For Feeding - Northland Baby Photographer

Today was my 1st photoshoot for 2019, and the first day it has rained since Christmas Day.... it bucketed down! Luckily we were all tucked up nicely in a warm studio.

Mum and Dad would have happily curled up and slept through their little lady's session, but unfortunately little Miss A decided today was a cluster feeding day... she made us work hard to get her sound asleep, but once she was simply gorgeous.

Dodging the Rain - Whangarei Portrait Photographer

Well it bucketed down just before this family photoshoot this evening, and then suddenly stopped and the sun came out..... talk about 'four seasons in one day' we had it all within half an hour! This last shot of these teens together was taken after huddling under umbrellas for five minutes.... a bit of a rushed photoshoot to avoid another downpour, these kids did so very well....

Generations - Whangarei Family Photographer

This is four generations of my family - my mother, brother, nephew and great-nephew.... photographed on my father's old tractor.

The Great Escape - Northland Family Photographer

These two girls were just itching to get away and roam the paddock by themselves... and little Miss One was more than complying when her big sister took her by the hand and they toddled off (anywhere but toward the camera!) Luckily a few bribes helped :-)

Happy 1st Birthday - Whangarei Portrait Photographer

We photographed this little boy's 1st Birthday photoshoot today on his actual birthday. These shoots are a lot of fun, but also hot work for Mum with fetching him back onto the setup again & again.... it becomes a game of chase! Sometimes we wish we could superfix them to the floor.... ha ha.... And because it is all games you never know just what the children are going to do, making one-of-a-kind images.

No Rain Today - Northland Portrait Photographer

I have given up believing the forecast.... heavy rain predicted, and yet this was perfect weather for a family portrait photoshoot. Again a 5pm shoot and these two children were so very good.

Late afternoon light - Whangarei Family Portraits

On a cold, wet, windy Northland afternoon we managed to dodge the rain and get this family photoshoot done. These kids were great and a lot of fun.... after the first ten minutes they started having their own fun and warmed up (I had 3 layers of winter woolies on!)

Finished! Maungatapere Newborn Photographer

I have just finished editing this sweet baby girl's newborn gallery and couldn't resist sharing one more image...

Oh Bless!  - Whangarei Baby Photographer

This 6 day old baby girl slept through her entire photoshoot this morning, what a little angel she was! She finally stirred when we had finished her session and I decided to push for one more shot, but that involved rolling her over and putting on a little outfit - she decided it was food time :-) But a quick top-up and she was all happy again.

She has the most gorgeous wee pout, button nose and long lashes -you can see where she gets her fabulous genetics....

Who's the boss?! - Northland Newborn Photographer

At 8 days old this newborn baby girl was not particularly interested in going into a deep sleep. She was more than happy with all her family photos.... awake and quietly happy. Get her to sleep, not too much of a problem.... but move her, touch her or take off the snuggle blanket?.... forget it! I guess she just wanted her photos to be original!

Oh What Fun We Had! - Whangarei Baby Photographer

At 18 days old this little lady was a dream to photograph. Mum and I had fun styling her newborn photoshoot this morning, picking out headbands and outfits. I loved photographing her parents for their maternity session, so I was really looking forward to meeting this baby girl.

Mum asked me to style her session in pink, white, grey, brown or light neutral colours.... and to do light as well as darker/ moody images. With so much scope I loved this session! Enjoy the preview.

Pregnancy model - Northland Maternity Photographer

I love being issued a challenge.... like when a client tells me they aren't very photogenic. But this  pregnant Mum-to-be made this so easy. Isn't she stunning?!

I can't wait to meet this little lady in a few short weeks for her newborn photoshoot.

Just Glowing - Northland Maternity Photographer

A beautiful maternity session in my Whangarei photography studio. Not long for this little one to arrive now...

26 Days Old - Whangarei Newborn Photographer

This little guy ended up back in hospital and then so did his Mum, hence we had to postpone his newborn photoshoot a couple of times. But we finally got there! At 26 days old he was absolutely perfect, sleeping through!

 Sweet Slumber - Northland Baby Photographer

This baby boy took a little while to convince him to sleep for his newborn photoshoot. He was just wide awake and happy, so I managed to capture a few lovely awake shots of him too. He was such a cutie!

And The Excitement Builds - Whangarei Maternity Photographer

Only four more weeks, or maybe less, before life is changed forever. Such an exciting time... full of hope, wonder and joy...


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